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My return to IRL racing

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It had been 17 months since I ran a half marathon as I anxiously waited for our little corral to kick off at the start of the Craft Classic Half Marathon. Seventeen months. In that time I had been through so much - setbacks and celebrations. Not only was it a return to IRL racing, but it was my return to the distance I love after barely being able to run a mile after my illness and injury last year. Could I do it?

2 hours and 40 minutes later I had completed by 16th half and my slowest half marathon of all time. And you know what? It was one of my happiest half marathon finishes ever!

There was a moment, trudging up the hill between mile 10 and 11 that I thought maybe I was going to just sit down and ask my fiancé to come pick me up. Actually, I thought I was going to faint and that he would be really mad at me for pushing myself so hard. Fortunately, none of that came to pass. I made it over the hill, down the next hill, up the final hill and… not to disappoint anyone, but I didn’t have a free beer at the end. I just cheered for myself the rest of the day saying “I did it” over and over.

I have so much room to improve. I have many goals to achieve. That moment, that day, I was able to cross one off the list. I’m back.

Check out my full race review over at BibRave.com.

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