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Double Dipping

My Second Hot Chocolate Race in 2022

Disclaimer: I received free entry to the Hot Chocolate Phoenix race as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews!

Lucky me, I got to start and end my year with an absolutely delicious race series! The Hot Chocolate series was on my bucket list for years. Then, the first year I decided to run, everything went virtual-only. Now, this year, when racing was finally back IRL, I had the pleasure of running two different HC races spread over two of their seasons (which means two different seasons of medals and swag)! What a perfect way to recap the changes in my life from March to December… by recapping my year-end race.

So, the Hot Chocolate series kicks off when the weather starts getting cold (obvi). The 2022-2023 season started in Chicago about a month before my race here in Phoenix. This year, too, some of the HC races were adding a new 10K distance. When I first thought about doing this race in our new hometown I thought I would want to do the 15K - I had just finished almost training for a marathon after all. But by the time I really signed up, I knew I was pregnant, but didn’t yet know how hard pregnancy would be, so I signed up for the 10K.

The second best part of any HC race is the expo! Tell me another expo that gives you cups of hot chocolate and chocolate-covered marshmallows!? Exactly. The Phoenix race’s expo was right downtown, which is a lot like the setup in San Diego. However, bonus points to PHX - we parked at the parking garage for the convention center but it was still only $3 to park.

Meeting up with @inkedrunnerchick88 at the expo!

HC added some fun new photo ops at the expo, so I spent some time getting the right shot (check out my reel for all the highlights). Even got to meet up with a fellow BibRave Pro, Megan, at the expo. This year’s swag was a pullover, performance hoodie with all sort of zipper pockets in the front - can’t wait to wear it around town.

Race morning was COLD. I expected it because it’s been cold in PHX for more than a month, but still, I always find it hard to dress right for a race in the cold. I decided to wear a performance long sleeve and t-shirt to give myself some flexibility. I was also gloved-up and had a buff around my little ears. But, as I’m learning about my new hometown, it can get warm quickly as the sun comes up. Part way through the race I shed my gloves and buff, but honestly, it stayed cold enough that the long sleeve was ok for the whole race.

Bundled up at the start line

Turns out the 10K was a great distance for me - on the Phoenix course, it was especially nice. Apparently, in the two places where the 15K turned away from the 10K course both turn-offs led to hills. So, good news for me, all flat for the 10K! I went out planning to keep a consistent run + walk plan: 3 min run, 2 min walk. It worked really, really well. I didn’t want to overexert myself 18 weeks into this pregnancy so I needed those 2 min walk breaks, but kept a pretty good pace and excellent form for my run intervals.

In the end, I managed 1:21:55, which was a 13:11 min/mi pace.

Pretty good for someone carrying around an extra human! And… no injuries!

Chocolate Mug!

Of course, I crossed that finish line and got my sweet swag and hot chocolate mug with goodies (the #1 best part of a HC race)! Met up with my other BibRavers and made sure we documented the win. All-in-all a really great race experience. Would definitely run again. Check out my review on BibRave.com too!

Post race celebrating with @laura.c.mullins and @runizzy321

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